Shoton Festival August 11, 2018


Shoton is an annual festival held at Drepung and Norbulingka in Lhasa. Shoton means Yogurt Festival. It began in the 16th century when the laity offered a banquet of yogurt to the monks at the end of their mandatory two-month meditation retreat.

Later, summer operas and theatricals were added to the festivities. The beautiful grounds of the Norbulingka are filled with people amid hanging walls of banners. There's lots of feasting, socializing and bonfires at night.

Shoton is also a time of spiritual purification for which crowds gather at Drepung Monastery to witness the unfolding of a giant Buddha painting. This year the unfolding of the painting will take place on August 11, 2018.

Visitors can mingle freely with the crowds for a memorable immersion in Tibetan culture.

You can combine the Shoton Festival with going to Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and Guge (15 days). Join a small group or start your own group of two or more.