Yamdrok Yutso Lake

The scorpion-shaped Yamdro Yutso Turquoise Lake.

The sacred lake of Yamdrok Yutso sits at 4,408 m/14,461 ft and is believed to be the life-force of the Tibetan nation.

Stretching over an area of 754 km, its teal blue waters create the largest lake in southern Tibet. Surrounded by snow capped mountain ranges, the lake is fed by icy streams and inlets that flow down from the higher elevations during the warm summer months.

Its curved pincer shape boasts nine islands, numerous bays and is home to several monasteries.

At Gampa La Pass, on the winding road that leads to Yamdrok Yutso Lake, you'll enjoy an unforgettable vista of shimmering turquoise beneath a backdrop of glaciers.

Woeser Phel

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