12-14 Days: Chengdu-Kangding-Lhagang-Garzi-Yangchen Gar-Monasteries-Dege-Yilhun Lake-Larung Gar-Nyenpo Yurtse-Lake Shoktso-Aba-Chengdu

This itinerary begins with 9-10 days in Kham and extends into Golok for a few more days.

Golok is the highest region in Tibet and China—most of the region is above 4,000 m. It's beautiful and remote with verdant mountains, rivers and valleys. Starting from the Amnye Machen range, the important Yellow River flows throughout, creating pastoral flood plains. The winter is bitterly cold and frozen but the summer brings fields of grass and wild flowers.

The population of 140,000 is mostly nomadic. People are resilient and passionate about equestrian sports. They are also very religious. Although recent decades have brought change, much remains the same in the land and hearts of the people.

This itinerary will bring you the highlights of Kham and southern Amdo. It's a beautiful trip, never to be forgotten and can be combined with home-stays and camping.