Lhasa To Kailash
15-19 Day Journeys

Private Tour or Small economical Group Whenever You Wish (May to mid-July is best.)

Arrive Lhasa June 10, 2019 for Saga Dawa Festival at Kailash

MOUNT EVEREST: In 1865, Mount Everest was so-named by the Royal Geographical Society of England. Tibetans honor the mountain as Jomolangma or Queen of the Universe. Often pictured with a plume of condensation streaming from its pyramidal summit, the mountain peaks at 8,848 m/29,029 ft. Tibet is home to Everest’s stunning North Face. From Everest Base Camp at 5,100 m/17,000 ft., the mountain face soars another 3,648 m/11,969 ft overhead.

MOUNT KAILASH: An imposing 6,174 m, the majestic Mount Kailash (Gang Rinpoche in Tibetan, Precious Snow Mountain), in the far-western Tibet offers unforgettable outer and inner experiences. Not only is this one of the highest regions in the world, it is the watershed of the mighty rivers of Asia. Mount Kailash is one of the most important spiritual places on the Earth and is revered by millions —Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Bonpos and others— for its cosmic, geomantic powers. The walking circuit around the mountain takes three days. Horses and/or porters can be hired.

LAKE MANASAROVAR, Lake Conceived from the Mind of God, lies at 15,015 ft. and is the world’s highest freshwater lake.  At times stretching to 55 miles in perimeter with a depth of 300 ft., she covers an area of 120 sq. miles. The Tibetan names are Mapham Yutso and Tso Madropa. It is one of two twin lakes, the other being Rakshas Tal. Together they are the sun and the moon.

LOST KINGDOM OF GUGE: Founded in the 10th century by a descendant of a Tibetan king, it's emergence marked the second promulgation of Buddhism in Tibet. Lost in the 17th century under mysterious circumstances, it was rediscovered in the the 1930's by the Italian explorer, Guiseppe Tucci. The site includes houses, once-inhabited caves, monasteries and stupas as well as sculptures, carvings and murals. The ruins cover an area of 720,000 square meters and lie at 3,800 m/12,400 ft. YouTube documentary.

Kailash & Guge Travelogue