home stays in eastern tibet


A home-stay with a Tibetan host family give you a personal experience the daily life and culture of Tibet. Home-stays offer an immersion experience that can't be duplicated— they're completely safe and always adventurous!


Home-stays are arranged with Tibetan families who have a relationship with us and a history of working with our staff and customers— your Road To Tibet guide will join you for the stay. Home-stays can be arranges i n houses and nomadic tents.

If you are staying with a family of nomads, you may be asked to help milk the dri (female yaks) and learn how to make cheese! Whether staying with nomadic herdsman or rural farmers, be prepared for simple, rustic lodgings. . . that don't have indoor plumbing!

At this time, home-stays can be arranged in Kham and Amdo but they are not possible in Lhasa and TAR.

Home-stays can be combined with hotels and guesthouses. Also, you can camp under the stars with a nomadic family while on a walking or horse trekking trip in Amdo. Or, you can experience village life near Yilhun Latso in the Chola Mountains of Kham.

Sound wonderful to you?