Hiking & Horseback Riding


Trekking and hiking is always an exciting adventure, stunningly beautiful and for sure, an experience you will never forget. Please let us know what you would like to do. It will be exciting to plan exactly what you have in mind!

The best time for hiking in Central Tibet (TAR) is May, June and July. There's hardly any rain and it's not too hot. The views are clear and the passages accessible. And, you’re very likely to see unique wild animals, birds, and flowers. Hiking or trekking itineraries are always customized to your level of physical fitness. And they can be short or long. Often they include camping and visiting monasteries.

Eastern Tibet is ideal for horseback rising through pastoral grasslands and mountains. Langmusi in Amdo is an idyllic place to start. The horses are mild and well-behaved.


Hiking & Trekking Trips