The Tibetan Plateau & Global Climate Change

Photograph: Tang Zhaoming/Xinhua Press/Corbis

"A comprehensive understanding of global climate change is impossible without looking at Tibet."

Tibet’s glaciers are melting. Its permafrost, critical for the health of the planet, is quickly degrading. There can be no doubt—Tibet is environmentally strategic and its importance cannot be understated.

As the Roof of the World, Tibet is the highest and largest plateau on the planet. It is home to 46,000 glaciers (melting at a rate of 7% annually), making it the third largest concentration of ice after the North and South Poles. Tibet is also the water tower of Asia—the head source of Asia's largest rivers.

The Tibetan Plateau must be protected not only for Tibetans but for the entire world.

Plea to Fix the Roof of the World before Its Too Late: