Cycling in Kham

Cycling in Kham offers everything—grasslands, snow-capped peaks, alpine forests, lakes, rivers and the distinctive Tibetan culture.

Itineraries are customized according to your preferences, your physical conditioning, the number of days at your disposal, and your budget for vehicular transportation (vans and land cruisers) and lodgings. Your guides will always be Tibetan. A Tibet Travel Permit is not required in Kham. All cycling tours begin in Chengdu or Xining and include camping equipment and supplies, meals, support vehicle, a guide and cook.

Here are three excursions in Kham:

From Chengdu to Kham and Xining (Amdo): Chengdu-Kangding (Dartsedo)-Lhagang-Drakgo-Garzi-Sokchen-Yushu-Xining (12-18 days).

From Chengdu to Tagong Town in Ganzi. On this itinerary via Kangding, the capital city of Ganzi, you'll visit the Valley of 10,000 mani stones, see spectacular views, take a dip in hot springs and the visit the meeting places of many cities. (6-8 days)

From Tagong Town and Lhagang Grasslands to Sertar Larung Gar via Drakgo County. During this 7-10 day cycling excursion you'll visit Lhagang Monastery, famous and revered for the Sakyamuni Buddha figure that has been housed there since the late 7th century; you'll travel through the beautiful Lhagang grasslands to Serta Larung Gar Institute, the enormous Tibetan Buddhist Academy with 40,000-50,000 resident scholars, monk, nuns and students.

Tagong, Ganzi

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