7-9 Days: Chengdu-Golok-Thangkor Grassland-Takstang Lhamo-Labrang-Lanzhou or Xining

Mount Nyenpo Yurtse & the glacial Shoktso Lake

7-9 DAYS:
Chengdu-Serta-Golok-Mount Nyenpo Yurtse-Shoktso Lake-Thangkor grasslands-Taktsang Lhamo Monastery-Labrang-Lanzhou or Xining.

Chengdu is always voted the most relaxed city in China. It is becoming very popular with natives and foreigners. The city offers many touring highlights, tea houses, and the famed Sichuan cuisine.

Beyond Chengdu, it's a very different world. The nomadic and agricultural lifestyle, the natural beauty of wild flowers and beautiful lakes and the majesty of places of religious learning will transport you into a higher realm of consciousness.

Larung Gar

Beginning in Golok, you will come to the area of Serta. The geography is densely forested but also includes grasslands. The area is home to many Nyingma monasteries, the most famous of which is Larung Gar where thousands of log cabin hermitages cover the slopes of a secluded valley. The Larung complex includes a main assembly hall, an institute of learning for men and women (Tibetan and Chinese), and several chapels. Larung has a history of ups and down with the government through the years but today, relations are relatively smooth.

Mount Nyenpo Yurtse & Glacial Lakes

Also in Golok is Mount Nyenpo Yurtse (5,933 m), well off the beaten path. Thisis the principal holy mountain of southern Golok and is revered as the birthplace of the Golok people. The range has fourteen peaks well over 5,000 m. Mt. Nyenpo Yurtse is surrounded by marshlands and glacial lakes. It's very likely that you will experience the sacredness of Mother Nature. And for the hardy, there is a 6-day trek around the lake. On the south side, there are three hot springs.

Langmusi, aka Taktsang Lhamo ("Tiger Lair of the Goddesses")

After driving through the vast Thangkor grasslands, you will arrive at Takstang Lhamo (Tiger Cave of the Goddess) aka Langmusi. This is actually a small village that is popular with Tibetan pilgrims and it celebrates several festivals a year. Kirti and Serti Monasteries can be visited and meditation caves can be seen nearby. This area famous for hiking and horse trekking which can arranged. Visitors can camp or stay in guesthouses.

Labrang Tashikyil Monastery Early Morning

The final destination in this itineray is Labrang Town and Tashikyil Monastery. This town (aka Xiahe) is a Muslim and Tibetan mix and is well developed for tourism. Tashikyil Monastery is one of the largest Gelugpa monasteries in Tibet. It survived relatively intact during the Cultural Revolution and since then, much has been renovated and newly built. Outside the main gate, is the important School of Buddhist Studies where some of the greatest contemporary lamas and scholars continue to teach.

From Labrang Town, you can end your journey by driving to Lanzhou or returning to Xining. Lanzhou is an industrial city of about 3 million people. Many travelers to Amdo or the Silk Road will begin or end their journeys here.




7-9 DAYS:
Chengdu-Serta-Golok-Mount Nyenpo Yurtse-Shoktso Lake-Thangkor grasslands-Taktsang Lhamo Monastery-Labrang-Lanzhou or Xining.


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