We believe sharing our land and our culture with visitors is very important. Thank you for considering Tibet as a destination of your heart. Peace & Love.
— Woeser

My name is Woeser Phel.  I was born in Amdo into a nomadic family. Somehow I was able to study Tibetan, English and a little Chinese. Before becoming a tour guide for seven years, I was an interpreter in Kham and Amdo and taught English. Today, I live and work in Lhasa with my family.

Actually, it was my clients who first suggested that I set up my own travel agency in 2007. I thought it wouldn't not be possible but I started anyway... and it turned out well!

Since then, I've organized more than 600 travel groups in the Tibetan Autonomous Region and about 80 in Kham and Amdo.  I'm very happy that more than 98% of my clients have appreciated my services which are based on my first-hand experience and knowledge and as well, the team that I have working with me.

I'm also proud to be able to support my community.  As a business, Road to Tibet offers scholarships to young adults who've passed their university entrance exams but have financial difficulty meeting the tuition.


We also make small donations on a regular basis for people needing medical care. I want to continue doing these kinds of things and be able to do even more every year.

When it comes to our precious environment, I feel it's important to educate the Tibetan people about this and to conduct eco-friendly tours and treks, "taking nothing but photos and leaving nothing but footprints.”

As a bonus, in parts of Kham and Amdo, I'm able to arrange tours that include home-stays. This option deepens the cultural experience for my clients and also directly benefits families and communities and contributes to global understanding.

Thank you very much for visiting my website and reading my story. Please let me know if you want to come to Tibet. May all beings be happy and peaceful!

Woeser Phel, Founder & Director, Road to Tibet Travel, Lhasa


Woeser Phel, Founder & Director
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Best travel company we have ever travelled with. From the moment we made an enquiry to the end our trip we were very impressed with the service received by Woeser. It was a real pleasure to deal with him and our guide Tashi - and their professionalism, grace and integrity.

Despite a well planned trekking trip, my boyfriend suffered quite badly with altitude sickness. Tashi responded with great professionalism and care, getting us down to a lower altitude as soon as possible. Woeser reorganised our trip to include lower altitude sights. His priority was to ensure we had a safe and enjoyable experience. The reorganisation of the trip—cancellations, new bookings etc. would have cost more, but he did not pass this onto to us—which other companies would have.

Within our restraints Woeser developed an excellent “plan B” which included some of the better known sights such as Samye Monastery and lesser known such as Chimpu caves. Particulalry in places like Chimpu, we were very moved by the Tibetan people’s warmth, humility and friendliness.

We are very grateful to Tashi and Woeser for an enlightening and enjoyable trip.
Sarah S.